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Ageing and Collagen

Ageing of the skin is determined by changes in the structure of collagen. As we age, the surface of collagen fibrils in our skin becomes rougher and the collagen bundles become stiffer and harder. 

This is due to age-related structural changes such as fragmentation and cross-linking of the collagen fibrils. These changes contribute to altered physical properties of the skin, leading to visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles and sagging skin.

Anti-ageing treatments

These treatments are designed to slow down the natural ageing process. Work by stimulating the body’s natural healing process, promoting the production of collagen and elastin, and by the direct delivery of active ingredients to those layers of the skin, that are unavailable for topical cosmetic products.


Micro-needling is also known as collagen-induction therapy and it is a skin rejuvenation treatment that uses tiny needles to create micro-injuries in the skin. These micro-injuries trigger the body’s natural healing process, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, which are essential proteins in maintaining tight, firm and plump skin. 

Micro-needling can help improve the appearance of acne scars, dark spots, wrinkles and large pores.

Types of Micro-needling

Manual micro-needling involves using a handheld device with tiny needles to create micro-injuries in the skin.

The depth of the needles is a crucial factor in the effectiveness of the treatment. A depth of 4mm is effective for treating severe skin conditions such as deep acne scars, stretch marks, and severe wrinkles and may be performed on face and body. 

However, due to the potential for damage and complications, treatments involving a needle depth of 4mm should only be performed by trained medical professionals.


Mesotherapy is a technique of delivering a series of injections into the middle layer (mesoderm) of skin using very fine needles. It’s been first developed in 1952 by Michel Pistor in France and originally used to relieve pain. 

Today mesotherapy is widely used  to improve several skin conditions. 

This procedure involves injecting a cocktail of vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients into the skin. The substances used in mesotherapy can help correct concerns such as ageing skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation or thin, dull skin.

Further advantages

It revitalises skin hydration, helps with first symptoms of photo-ageing, loss of firmness and it delays the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also used to remove fat in areas like the stomach, thighs, buttocks, hips, legs, arms, and face, to reduce cellulite, tighten loose skin,  re-contour the body, lighten pigmented skin, or to treat alopecia. 

Hydration Super Hero

One molecule of hyaluronic acid can absorb and hold on to between 250-1000 molecules of water within the skin (depends on type of hyaluronic acid and its concentration). This improves skin hydration by expanding the cells and increase the volume of the intracellular fluid. This creates a radiant glow as well as firms and soothes skin. It also evens up the skin tone as hydrated skin reflects the light in a different way, brightening dark circles and concealing imperfections.  

What about other ingredients?

Other active ingredients used in mesotherapy are vitamins, peptides, nuclotides and many other active ingredients. By delivering them directly to the skin, we nourish, moisturise and provide with nutrition and antioxidants, essential for the slowing down of the ageing process.

At the moment the market offers huge variety of ready to inject Skin Boosters and these will be selected according to your skin requirements.


Profhilo, an anti-wrinkle injectable treatment used in face rejuvenation, can also be utilised as a form of mesotherapy. It hydrates the skin and encourages the production of collagen and elastin, providing rejuvenation and nourishment. This makes Profhilo a versatile treatment option for various skin concerns


Mesobotox, also known as Microbotox, is Mesotherapy with the use of Botulinum toxin in place of Hyaluronic Acid or Skin Boosters. It offers several advantages: smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, reducing the appearance of pores, reducing excess oil production in your skin, which can be beneficial for those with oily skin and can help reduce the size of enlarged pores. Botulinum toxin also reduces sweating on the face, which can be useful on patient’s allergic to their own sweat.

Next Gen…

At the moment there are next generation products available, containing a combination of enzymes activated just before administration. These are designed to treat bags under eyes, scars, and stubborn deposits of fat and cellulite. The formulation of these products is a lot more advanced than the formula of classic products which are used for the same purpose. The results of the next generation products are obviously a lot more spectacular!

What To Expect…

Before the procedure, we clean the skin and apply numbing cream 30-45 minutes in advance. Once the area is numb, it’s disinfected for treatment. Using fine needles, injections are administered 0.5cm-1cm apart and 1mm-4mm deep. Clients typically don’t experience discomfort during the quick 15-minute procedure. Our recommended technique for skin rejuvenation involves small deposits, leaving the skin with minimal bumps that gradually fade within days to two weeks, offering optimal rejuvenation benefits.

Common Side Effects

Most clients experience several small bruises, redness, local swelling, lumps and bumps which slowly resolve within a few days.

Very rarely some clients experience inflammation or infection which are typically caused by inappropriate after care.

How Frequently

It is recommended to do a series of 3 to 7 treatments, each 3 weeks apart (depends on the skin problem), and do one booster after 6 months. 

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