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CO2 Laser

The Fractional Laser

How it works…

Post treatment and downtime

Once the skin had a chance to regenerate, we can expect shallowing of grooves, smoothing of wrinkles, correction of unevenness, increased skin tension, and overall improvement to the oval shape of the face. We will also see a reduction of scars and stretch marks.

Is there any downtime?

Yes. This is a type of ablative laser. Laser light goes through the skin, creating tiny patterns, which will be seen on the skin for the next several days (3-10 days depending on the presenting problem). 

Medical grade laser

The DERMAFRAX laser offers an anti-aging effect by targeting wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks, resulting in visible skin improvement. Operating on the principle of controlled skin damage and repair, it utilizes CO2 fractional laser technology for rejuvenation without prolonged recovery. Suitable for various body areas and indications, its effectiveness depends on factors such as power, penetration depth, and operator expertise.

Is this treatment right for me?

Collagen loss starts at the age of 25. But there is good news. DERMAFRAX laser provides both anti-aging and rejuvenation results. The first treatment can be introduced in your 30’s to stimulate the natural process of skin renewal. You can start the first treatment also when you notice advanced signs of skin aging.  After just one treatment, you can see the effects, and after the entire series, the skin is practically rebuilt.

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