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What Are Tubercles? 

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This technique redefines the vermilion border, enhancing the Cupid’s bow and reducing fine lines. It involves injecting into the white margins with serial puncture and linear threading. It can be used for thin lips or for cosmetic enhancement.

Popular among the younger generation, this technique may dramatically changes lips shape and size. It uses a tenting technique where filler is injected vertically along the lip.

Why You Should Choose Us…

Joanna Graff Aesthetics caters extensively to lip filler treatment in Shrewsbury and Cardiff. We prioritise personalised care, focusing on your individual needs. Our lip filler services offer you control and support for informed decision-making. Contact us for a tailored solution through our advanced lip filler treatment in Shrewsbury. At Joanna Graff Aesthetics, lip fillers are one of our specialties, part of our commitment to providing results that make you feel like yourself. We assess your unique features and discuss the filler process, ensuring a customized approach aligned with your preferences. Transparency is key, and we provide a detailed treatment plan before proceeding.

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