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Botox Treatment

What To Expect

“Cosmetic Botulinum toxin treatment is sending your skin on Holiday for a few months” is what I was told when I was first told about Botox. First results are seen after a few days after the procedure (usually 4-5).  Dependent on the wrinkle severity they may be softened, reduced, or completely removed. For the full result you must wait around two weeks for it to fully settle.

How Long Do The Results Last For?

Fine lines may reappear around four to five months post-procedure. Full muscle activity usually returns after six months due to neuromuscular connections’ regeneration. The reversibility of botulinum toxin ensures that skin changes are temporary, offering flexibility if desired outcomes aren’t achieved. Post-treatment, your skin reverts to its pre-treatment state without damage or laxity, allowing you to decide whether to continue with botulinum toxin or embrace natural aging.

Cat woman? DUCK LIPS?

2) Dripping eyelid, is caused by the opposite action – too many units injected to close to the eye brow. Unfortunately, while reversible,  the only remedy for this is time.

The History Of Botox

Botulinum toxin, derived from Clostridium botulinum, is widely present in soil, marine sediments, fruits, vegetables, and seafood. This neurotoxin, considered one of the most poisonous substances, inhibits acetylcholine release, causing muscle paralysis. Seven distinct serotypes of botulinum toxin (A-G) have been identified.

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